'Surfing Your Inner-Net' WORKSHOPS

'Surfing Your Inner-Net' WORKSHOPS

Surfing our Inner Net is vital to understand who we are. 

Check out my toolbox which I will be using to help you find your success and happiness. I will be using  hypnosis, NLP, RTT, EFT and meditation techniques to help you change behaviours  and thinking patterns so that you can be more productive and in control of your life.

Workshop 1:  Slashing Self-Doubt

If you want to remove self-doubt from your life for good, you can do it now. This horrible feeling and behaviour eats away at our present life and prolongs the future. 

Self-Doubt leads to procrastination and lack of motivation. 

Can you imagine how detrimental this is to your LIFE.... personal, business or even in your career? 

Workshop Objectives: You will be able to...

1)  Identify Self-doubt patterns in your thinking.

2) Understand the root cause of the underlying issues of doubting themselves.

3) Remove the self doubt by rewiring your mindset.

Just love some of my participant's feedback...

"Firstly, thank you very much for the workshops. It was very well thought out and presented.   I did not realise I had even more emotions going on inside myself. That day allowed me to express myself and be open which I thought was important. I have come to terms that I must not feel that way. Such low self-esteem of myself, I have been blaming myself for all that has happened.

So I have decided to work on myself totally and fully.  I have to trust in the divine trust in and believe in myself.  You know what my focus is but unless I release what’s inside my head I cannot move forward. Therefore, I have chosen to be kind and love myself first. Give myself a break, hold my nerve knowing I will be in a job or running my own business very soon. Being in a group, trust in you but know that what you ask us to do works so therefore I have to put the effort in and do diligently everyday (which I have consciously been doing).

I started Looking in the mirror every day like really look at that women in the mirror and tell her she’s awesome and a wonderful person and that I love her.  My breathing exercises along with exercise and eating healthily."- Sas

"I attended both workshops and I loved it. It was interactive and the EFT and hypnosis were great tools. I feel that I have released the self doubt and limiting beliefs which I've had for years. My mind and heart feels lighter. I love listening to the transformation audio and I am feeling great." -LB

Date: Saturday 12/06 at 9am.  Investment: £65

This 90 min workshop is small and intimate so that we have enough time for your personal healing.  


Workshop 2: The Formula for Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever felt that sonething was just holding you back in your life? Whether it is finding the perfect partner, job satisfaction at work, scaling up your business or just being a better parent,

LIMITING BELIEFS can be the cause of your downward spiral of life. We usually allow them into our lives between the ages of 0 and 8 years old.  This is the age when we are sponges and absorb what we are exposed to in our environment, without logic and reasoning. 

In this 90 min workshop you will...

1) Identify the limiting beliefs that is sabotaging your life.

2) Go to the root cause of these belief systems and understand what is has been doing for us. 

3) Understand why these limiting beliefs came into our lives and needed to intervene. 

4) Learn the Formula to release these limiting beliefs. 

This is what the participants have said...

"I attended the workshops to work on my physical health especially my back pain , knowing my limiting beliefs were stopping me to get my strength back. I loved the hypnosis. I also have learnt to say NO to others for those things which i believe they are not aware and YES  to myself. I highly recommend the workshop." - SC 

"My limiting beliefs began when I was a child. My parents taught me how to think negatively about money. During the workshop I was able to release it. I loved how Nirasha presented the workshop. It was interactive. I know look at myself as a money magnet and my business is starting to get busier because I feel confident in my worth. 100% will recommend the workshops." -KS 

You will also get a free transformation audio included in the price. 

Date: Saturday 26/06/21 at 9am. Investment £65

Book both the workshops for only £99.95 

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