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'Skillset is one thing, but Mindset is EVERYTHING!'

I am Nirasha Ramlugan, Director of JSC. Being a Rapid Transformational & Clinical hypnotherapist for the last 13 years, I have become an expert in the S.A.D thug. I call Stress, Anxiety and Depression a thug because it robs vulnerable people of their happiness and success. 

My work with leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners, allow me to share my Mindset Hurdle Compass Method so that they can combine the mindset and skillset facets to create success. 

Our Member Zone have courses  catered to develop and grow  Mindsets into a winning ones. When the mind is free from emotional baggage and negativity, then the thoughts and actions are productive in creating a life of abundance. 

Join me on this journey of where information translates to transformation. With each course you will learn life tools that will rewire and re-programme who you really are. Be honest and courageous on this journey because this is the best way to master yourself and tap into the power within. 

Have an open heart and an open mind. Now this is the key to success and happiness.

Keep Smiling 


Available Products

Stressed? My 3 A.P.P tips to eliminate life stress


If your life is stressful and you just cannot cope, you have to get rid of it immediately.

Here are my 3 A.P.P physical tips decrease and eliminate this feeling of emotional or mental tension in yourself. 

Manage Life Stress, Successfully in 30 Days!

A 3.5 hr course for only £49.95 ($63.18)

Stress is very debilitating. If you don’t understand what stress is, the triggers and also how to manage it or get rid of it, it will stop you from being happy and successful. Now you have access to the best tools to Manage your stress successfully,  in 30 days .

Shift your Vision, 30 Day Transformation

Shift your Vision, 30 Day Transformation

Now for only £495.

Welcome aboard, to this rapid change programme. If you want to remove your limiting beliefs stopping you from achieving and celebrating your vision, then this is just for you. 

I can't wait to work with you in this Transformation.

Control the Monkey Mind Meditation Course for the Whole Family

The power lies within us! -£39.95 ($56.65)

(2.5 hr)

However when stress takes over life, it is a challenge finding your inner peace. 

Meditation is a flop proof recipe to SURF YOUR INNER-NET and find your calm, happiness and success. When you connect to the biophotonic light energies in you, you can heal your body. 

This is a 2.5 hr meditation course designed for the whole family or even just for You.

This is a guided visualisation meditation programme including, breath healing, chanting of mantra, walking along a beach or exploring the lush greenery in the forest. 

Just perfect for you & your family!

Death: The Final Edge ---Free E book

Have you lost someone special?

Death is a difficult road to journey through, without the right tools. I have lost very special people in my life and at that time of loss you experience emotions that leave heartache in the mind and body. 

                              Death: The Final Edge

This is a FREE E-Book where I share my own journey, tips and practical tools that helped me to get to the other size of grief. 

STUDY with focus & concentration Hypnosis Audio

A Hypnosis Audio £24.99 ($34.99)- 25 mins

Are you a student in high school, university or even online learning?

Do you find studying and preparing for an exam a challenge?

When studying and exams creates stress and feelings of anxiouness, then this hypnosis audio is a safe way to develop a new way thinking. 

Slash Limiting Beliefs Hypnosis Audio

A Hypnosis Audio £24.99 ($34.99) -20 mins

What are your limiting beliefs that's holding you back from being happy and successful? 

Most often our limiting beliefs surfaced in our lives between the ages of 0 - 8 years. The feeling that we are not good enough or  are not lovable or I was meant to work really heard to earn money etc. is an inner  dialogue and a self critic that slowly steals the years in your life. This hypnosis audio will help slash that negative inner critic and you will realise your true potential. 

Heart-Brain Connection Meditation (15:40)

The Heart- Brain Harmony Meditation

(£12.95/ $16.95)

Our heart is the centre of our being. It is like a factory that does the most important work of processing and keeping everything in balance. It is the womb of our emotions and if we do not welcome coherence and harmony then it affects the rest of our body and how we feel. 

This beautiful meditation, will immerse you in a state of calmness and bliss. It will help you regulate deep breathing so that there is balance between the heart and brain. 

The Mind-set Hurdle Compass™

Want to Start-up or Scale-up your business?

The Mind-set Hurdle Compass™ is a toolkit for entrepreneurs and business owners and leaders to grow their business from inside out. 

Corona Virus Recovery Hypno-Meditation Audio & Breath Healing

If you have Covid positive and are stuck with long term covid symptoms then my  unique Corona Virus Recovery Meditation Audio & Breath Healing will help accelerate your healing. 

Listen to the Hypno-Meditation audio daily for 28 days and you will start to relax, destress, quiten your mind and allow the body to heal. 

There is also a videos on important breathing techniques that would build up your lungs and improve your respiratory strength. 

Together, you would rewire your mind to heal your body. 

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