Heart-Brain Connection Meditation (15:40)

Do you have any chronic illness? Are you finding yourself survival mode most days? Do you feel your life stress affecting your sleep? 

Having heart-brain coherence can help you dive within to realise the infinite potentiality of your mind and body. 

The information your body is constantly processing can affect how you feel mentally, emotionally and physically. 

The Heart-Brain Harmony meditation can help you heal your body by connecting with the electromagnetic and light circulatory field within. 

You have the potential to heal your body by creating a sense of harmony so that the heart and brain can process the biodata effectively. 

Having harmony in your heart, which is the womb of emotions, can allow healing in the nuclei of the cells in your body.

Meditations are also brilliant in slowing down the brainwaves so that you can focus on few thoughts. When you are able to bring your brains waves down from Delta Waves (13-30 hertz) to Alpha and then Theta waves (4 to 8 Hertz), then your body connects with the positive electromagnetic energies around your biofield to the quantum energies. 

This is when healing at the cellular levels take place. You can find the algorithm for the cure to illnesses in the body.

When you are able to relax the mind you can...

  • Find your inner joy and inner love, so that you can connect with the ability to heal yourself.
  • Discover the unity in your inner world, and realise that deep inner peace. 
  • Decrease stress and anxiety to add longevity to your life.
  • Create resilience, stimulate creativity by decreasing the stressors in your life. 
  • Align your mind, physical body, consciousness and soul so that you become a master of your emotional intelligence. 
  • Connect with yourself and others. 

Now is the time to start this deep meditation practice. Just click on the link to gain instant access. You can download the audio for only £12.95 ($16.95) onto your smart device for easy accessibility. 

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I am so excited that you are starting this beautiful meditation practice. Remember doing it daily will accelerate your progress. 

Just click on the lesson for immediate download of the Heart-Brain Harmony Meditation. 

Enjoy venturing within to find your healing power. Remember being consistent and having discipline is an intricate part of healing so listen to it daily for atleast 30 days and then continue a few times a week. 

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 Heart-Brain Connection Meditation (15:40)
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