The Mind-set Hurdle Compass™

The Mind-set Hurdle Compass™

The Mindset Hurdle Compass 5- month programme focused on 4 important facets of business...

  1. Nurture your Vision
  2. Eliminate Limiting beliefs
  3. Shine the spotlight within
  4. Worship your mission

The mind and body connection is linked to success. The 5 month programme is designed in such a way to get rid of mindset hurdles and learn how to organically grow your business with the right branding and marketing strategies. 

You can learn and master the skills through:

  • With online self-study
  • 1-1 therapy and mentoring 
  • Group coaching

You will learn everything abouthaving the right mindset for a thriving business and apply all learnings about having the perfect branding, marketing and growing your brand organically. 

My next intake for the MHC programme is in January 2022. Since my groups would not be more than 10, vetting is vital. 

Cost of Investment: (It can be a tax deductible expense)
In full: £2400 ($3295)
Payment plan:
£1000 Deposit and £372 for 4 months = £2488
$1000 Deposit and $600 for 4 months = $3400

How to book your seat?
Message me via Messenger or What’s app 07737495666 to see if this programme is suited to
you and your business. I only have 3 cohorts a year (November, February, June), with small
groups of not more than 10 entrepreneurs. You have to be 100% committed to the process of
therapy and coaching to Start-up or Scale up your business.

Check out some of my client reflections:

Starting-up my Business
“I qualified as a hypnotherapist last year but I didn’t know where to start when it came to setting up a practice and having paying clients. I contacted Nirasha because I could see that she had over 13 years of experience in the same field. She was so approachable and helpful. She knew exactly
how to help me with my mind-set so that I can put myself out there by believing in what I do. I completed the 90 day programme. She helped me draw up a plan of action, starting with my business plan. We set smart goals together and she showed me how to start my own Vision and achievement board. This was the best thing I did. I started to see things begin to change after the first session. She was quite firm with me because I was the biggest procrastinator. I realised that I did this because of the fear of being rejected. Easier to stay in a comfort zone than be visible to the world., who would judge me. Besides working on my mind-set, she also advised
me with some marketing tools to promote myself. I will definitely recommend doing the free 20 min discovery call. It is 4 months since my therapy and coaching programme and I have already had paying clients every week and I can see my business developing each day. I love Nirasha’s
aftercare. I keep in touch with her often. “ – Jackie (Therapist) 

Struggled with Motivation & Self-Belief
“Before I worked with Nirasha I was struggling with motivation and self- belief. I changed careers
in my late thirties once having a child and my confidence was knocked. Working with Nirasha was scary at first., I’ve never fully understood mind-set and hypnosis. I was worried that I would lose all control (one of my issues) and what I discovered would haunt me. She was very patient
with me and made me feel relaxed and at ease instantly. Since working with Nirasha I have noticed a change in mind-set, I can now take a step back and think rationally before reacting and sleeping better than I have in a while. My business is growing and I believe in myself and what I do. My confidence and self- belief has shot through the roof!”
                        -Kam Chauhan (UK) ( a Social Media Manager)

5 Modules

Module 1: The Big Mission

Module 1 is all about the big MISSION

To start-up or scale-up any business can be a tedious challenge if you do not consider the foundation you are building your business on. 

In this module you will be reflecting on 'What is your WHY?' Why do you want to be a business owner or a director? What is your start point and where do you see your business going to. 

Is your business product or service based and how will it solve other people's problems? 

Module 2: The Organisational Process, Branding & Marketing

Module 3: Passion into Story. Story into Product. Product into Profit!

Module 4: The Spiritual Entreprenuer- Conversations with the Higher Self

Module 5: Building Business Cashflow through Multiple Streams of Income

Modules for this product 5
Call now to book your place in January Intake

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