Control the Monkey Mind Meditation Course for the Whole Family

Are you looking for how to relax quickly by using natural relaxation techniques?

Are you interested in dealing with anxiety without the use of drugs?

Do you want to learn how to reduce stress as a family?

The Control your Monkey Mind Meditation Course for the whole Family will help you find your inner zen. 

This course will teach you simple, effective meditation practices that transcend you by using the beautiful pictures your mind creates whilst allowing your body to respond to the guided visualisation. 

There are 10 Meditation Techniques to relieve Stress, Anxiety & Improve Your Health.

I am super excited for you and your family to start your meditation practice today. I have been meditating for the last 20 years. I have used chanting, mantras, guided visualisation, breath healing and light meditation. This amazing course has some of these powerful ways of surfing your inner-net.

Slow down your brain waves from Beta right down to Alpha, Theta or even Delta wave frequencies. 

Enabling your brain activity to slow down, aloows your thoughts to slow down to. Making it easier to focus and concentrate.  

At the end of this meditation course you will...

  • become more in-tuned with your inner thoughts, feelings and self awareness. 
  • understand how your inner feelings disrupt your outer experiences and life in general.
  • be able to destress and release anxious unwanted thoughts and emotions. 
  • ignite your creativity, concentration and calmness from within.
  • improve your visualisation and begin to remove destructive thoughts and feelings that robs you of your happiness. 
  • become happier and more in control of your mind, actions and behaviours after just 30 days of daily practice.
  • develop a routine for you or your whole family. 

This is what my students are saying...

"The techniques Nirasha teaches, are simple to understand. I love how this course helps you to dig deep and remove the negativity and then helps you to strengthen your confidence and self love." -Sindu

"The 10 visualisation techniques, is beautiful. The image in the mind is very vivid. It always makes me feel calm and connect within." - Peter

"Having meditation for the whole family is so convenient. My kids and I find a time in the evening to sit together and be still. My children find it easy to follow. Nirasha's voice is calming and peaceful. - The Naidoo Family

When I was a teacher. I used to do meditation with my students twice a day. In my research for my Masters in Education, my findings highlighted how meditation can improve challenging behaviour and raise attainment. 

As a student with Quantum University, I am presently studying and doing my doctorate & Phd in Intergrative & Natural Medicine.  The knowledge on quantum healing is just fascinating. Knowing that we have a 5th circulatory system in our body,  which the Biophotonic light energy field is power. If we can connect to this inner light that is produced every time our cells divide during mitosis, we can use this light energy to balance the chakra points and heal illnesses in the physical body. 

How amazing is this? 

 Meditation is food for the soul. We can connect to the light energies of our Rainbow Body and find natural ways of being healthy. This is a super way to prevent illnesses in the body. 

So it is time to connect as a family, bring peace and tranquility in your home. 

Click on the link and get instant access to this fantastic course for the whole family. 

5 Modules

Module 1: Welcome to this guided Meditation Course

It is now time to take back control of the monkey in your mind. Bond as a family and create peace at home. 

Module 2: Concepts you NEED to know

It is essential to understand why we  refer to the mind as a 'Monkey Mind'. 

Module 3: Meditate on the Body

now that you understand how the monkey mind robs us of the life we truly deserve, lets move on to the first meditation. 

Module 5: The Self

You are now more than half way through the meditation course.

Make sure that you are reflecting and journaling your changes. It is a fantastic way to measure how you are doing. 

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