Connecting the Dots on your Vision and Achievement Board Masterclass

Connecting the Dots on your Vision and Achievement Board Masterclass

Welcome Visionaries

Thank you for showing commitment to designing your future. I am ecstatic to share with you my knowledge and expertise about creating your very own VISION AND ACHIEVEMENT BOARDS. 

You will begin this journey by:

  • Understanding the power of attraction in making your vision a reality
  • Seeing a need to design a clear and creative Vision Board to enhance your life.
  • Celebrating accomplishments with an Achievement Board.
  • Visualising, using hypnosis, your timeline and embedding this into your unconscious mind.
  • Having fun, with a cocktail/ coffee at your side, sharing and learning with some awesome people. 

Besides being informative, you will get to kickstart your ideas in creating both your vision and achievement boards.

You will need to bring an open heart and a creative mind so that you can begin to plan the big picture for a bright future. Remember,  if you are confused about your destination into the future then you need a clear map in getting there. A Vision board is just that. It is your navigation into your future. 

Please bring along your favourite cocktail/ coffee, a picture of your self at your happiest times, pens, felt tips, highlighters, cardboard or paper. You will get the time to start it. 

If you want to start 2022 with clarity and a clear path to what you want to achieve in life, save the date-

        Thursday 6/01/22 at 6pm to 8.30pm


Saturday 8/01/22 at 9am to 10.30am

In 90 mins you will be able to start your vision board so that your goals are clear for 2022. 

So let us accomplish as much as we can for 2021 and start 2022 with clarity and clear vision. Bring a friend along and it  can be the perfect xmas gift for a loved one. 

The price is £120 ($160.60) but book your seat before the 1/12/21 and you will get as part of the Black Friday sale for £89.99 (£120.62).

Here is what some of my particpants said about my Vision and Achievement Masterclasses:

I feel more confident in myself. I found the visualisation = manifestation idea very useful. I will be adopting an attitude of believing in myself more, trusting my instincts and just going for it!” –Gillian

It made me to focus and start thinking about what I want to achieve in life. I found most useful, your sharing of your vision board and also how we don't acknowledge what we already achieved. Hence the importance of the vision board and the achievement table. I have started to work daily on my vision board, believe and trust myself more. I definitely enjoy Nirasha sessions and wish I could do more time with her.” –Marcelle

“The masterclass has helped me to gain a structure to my goals and encouraged me to become more ambitious with the goals. Gave me support in planning the creation of a vision board. The guided hypnosis and the breakdown of goals into separate categories e.g. spiritual, body etc I found most useful. I am going to create a vision board, establish a more structured morning routine and dedicate more time to reading.” –Anjuli S.

Attending the masterclass has given us clear focus of what we need to do next to achieve our goals.  We found most useful imagining our future during the hypnosis. We are going to do these differently from now… have clearer visions, create our vision boards, mind-set.!” – Vish & Navika

“The masterclass gave me clarity in my future steps. Plus, it was refreshing connecting to the like-minded people, which brought faith back to my life. Actively participating and writing down our 5 main goals, I found very useful. From now onwards I am going to wake up early and get dressed for work. I will appreciate my true self. I will meditate 3x a week.” -Lidija

So Book your seat to design your blueprint tp a happy, focused life and future. 

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 Thursday 6/01/22 at 6pm to 8.30pm
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 Thursday 6/01/22 at 6pm to 8.30pm
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 Saturday 8/01/22 at 9am to 10.30am
 $120.62 USD
 Saturday 8/01/22 at 9am to 10.30am
 £89.99 GBP

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