Corona Virus Recovery Hypno-Meditation Audio & Breath Healing

Anxiety and Stress stemming from CV19 can weaken the immune system. 

We have lost loved ones and may be suffering with covid right at this moment. Having long term covid sysmptoms can affect your home, work and family life. 

The brain and  mind are powerful in your health and well being. 

We have that power to heal ourselves by rewiring our minds to be positive and calm. 

This Hypno-Meditation is 20 mins and it will start the process of healing. It has helped so many people over the last 20 months. We are living a very weird time where the energies of the environment is compromised with this dreaded virus. If you can start to slow down your thought process, you will be able to remove some of the anxious feelings. 

I use hypnosis in my practice to help my clients heal. This powerful audio is a combination of hypnosis and meditation. 

You also have 2 videos -  with breath healing techniques. 

For just £12.95 ($16.95) you will get this healing package immediately. 

Seeking medical help should always be your first call. If your are suffering with severe respiratory issues and your oxygen levels are very low, you have to speak to your healthcare professional. 

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Access to the Hypno Meditation audio and Breath healing techniques

Welcome to the Corona Virus Hypno Meditation Audio. 

Here you will find:

1) Breath healing Videos to increase your lung capacity

2) The Corona Virus Hypnosis Meditation Audio

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 Corona Virus Recovery Hypno-Meditation Audio & Breath Healing
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